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Arabica. Robusta. What's the difference?

TastingAjay PhakeyComment

So you may have heard or seen coffee shops saying they use 100% Arabica beans. You may have wondered why this is and how it differs to Robusta? We've made a list below of these main differences.

So here we have some of the main differences between the two types of coffee beans. All of these factors have a huge impact on the final taste in the cup that you drink.

The most noticeable difference is the immediate smell and taste; while Robusta is likely to taste much more bitter and 'burnt', Arabica is often more subtle and can produce mellow tones often resembling tea's due to the lipid and sugar content.

Most, if not all, speciality coffee shops and roasters will use only 100% arabica due to the delicate nature of the bean, being able to produce a well rounded cup of coffee. On the other hand, Robusta tends to be used primarily in instant coffee and oddly enough in 'Italian' style blends.

Although it is widely regarded that Arabica is the only speciality bean to use, it can be said that a very high quality Robusta bean can taste as good if not better than a lower quality Arabica.