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From the inventors of the Flying Disc ring, the AeroPress is a single cup brewing system, perfect for travel or even quality coffee in the office or home. It works by forcing water through coffee under pressure to produce a crisp and intense cup.

Brew Time: 2 minutes

Volume: 250ml

Grind: Medium-Fine (between drip and espresso)

Ratio: 18g of coffee per 250ml of water

Water Temperature: 85C

1. Measure and grind coffee. One rounded Aeropress spoonful ground to a similar consistency to table salt.

2. Prepare the Aeropress by placing the paper filter in the basket and rinse with hot water. This gets rid of any paper taste and warms the filter. Heat up the mug with some hot water while you’re at it.

3. Discard the water from the mug. Fix the basket to the base of the brew chamber and place on top of the mug. Use the funnel to add the coffee into the chamber.

4. Add water. Start your timer and pour hot water (just off the boil) into the brewing chamber, making sure to saturate the grounds in around 15 seconds.

5. Once you have filled up to the No. 4 marker, use the stirrer to mix the coffee and water. Then place the plunger into the brew chamber to create a seal.

6. After 1:15, remove the plunger and give a final stir. Replace plunger and gently press down with steady pressure until the chamber is empty. This should take around 45 seconds.

7. Clean and enjoy. Take off the basket and pop out the filter and grounds. Clean the rubber plunger with hot water and you’re good to go for the next brew.