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French Press (Cafetière)

Brew GuidesAjay Phakey

The most common and convenient method of brewing coffee for several people, the trusty French Press brews a full-bodied coffee for everyone to enjoy.

Brew Time: 4 minute

Volume: 300ml

Grind: Coarse

Ratio: 25g of coffee per 300ml of water

Water Temperature: 100C

  1. Pour a small amount of boiling water into the French Press to preheat it.
  2. If you have a grinder this is a perfect time to grind your beans.

  3. Empty the water from the French Press then add your freshly ground coffee.

  4. Add approximately 1/4 of the water to wet the grounds and mix slowly but thoroughly.

  5. After 30 seconds pour in the remaining water.

  6. Place the lid on and press the plunger until the filter is just below the surface.

  7. Wait a further 4 minutes before pressing the plunger all the way down

  8. Pour out all servings to avoid over extraction. Enjoy